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It now has ColdFusion in the drop down, Thanks for reporting. It was clearly an oversight. CF Builder will continue to be supported and will not go away or rolled into DW. I just want to be very clear about that. I look forward to seeing you at the CFSummit. For me at this point, half or more of my development is client-side code with html5 and javascript. CF users is professional and small business owner. It is painful but fact if Adobe keep hurt CF fan.

We are business owner and can not suffer the risk. That is the price to love CF. We are focusing on run our business and can not afford many labor cost and risk. If we switch the platform, tons of CF code need to be rewritten. There are a few things that might need to be re-written. On Mon, Jul 10, at I provided the link in my first response to you. In no particular order:. That's all I have off the top of my head for now. By far, , and 5 on my prior list or issues with CFBuilder are my biggest peeves.

Assuming you can put focus on just the right objects to do a global search within a project, only being able to open a single hit at a time when making multiple edits is a real pain. Then re-searching but with completely different results usually no results because the object focus was not just right usually send me over the edge and my coworkers get a shower of colorful explicatives with Adobe as the focus point. With 5, only the single level of tag auto-close seems to work. Please feel free to pass this along to your CFBuilder peeps.

I must admit I have changed my view recently. I think the lack of the design view put a lot of folks off, me too but really that was just a crutch. With coding I have learned times faster and write better code.. I am choosing CF today for all my new applications. I think it has it all! I run my own agency and I learned after 20 years that a lot of the publicity on the internet about this and that etc. Its easy for us developers to get caught up in this and I have seen me changing platform in the past because I felt pressure from online communities.

CF does absolutely everything I need! It is very pleasing to know about your interest in CF Builder. We take this very positively.

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I would like to answer your queries -. Regarding Search in a project, I am not sure about what is your expectation. In any editor that I have seen, search works in a similar fashion. With 2 and 3, as far as I see, you are expecting some shortcuts to apply say comments or quotes around a block of code. We do have a toolbar which allows you to do such things. However, a shortcut for the same can be considered for enhancement of user experience.

We have never heard of performance issues with indentation. If there are, we would be keen to address the issues at the earliest. Regarding Dreamweaver, we would say that the very purpose of its existence is different and that's why it exists. Thank you for responding. I just happened to be browsing the new-fangled discussion board when I saw your reply. Anyway, matching your bullets…. I just upgraded my PC which required a CFBuilder reinstall and this corrected a big portion of the issue I was experiencing.

It is cost effective for some crops already: But it will be a long time, if ever, before we grow wheat more cheaply indoors than on the Great Plains. The change to automated indoor farming will occur gradually, giving displaced farm workers time to find new jobs. The potential for chaotic disruption here is very great, because the transition will be swift and it will be in one direction only.

All jobs will be lost, none will be created.

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It may take twenty years to develop the first cold fusion aerospace engines, but most energy is used in simpler machines: Cold fusion will be applied to these within months of its introduction, and it will quickly sweep these markets. Fossil fuel companies will lose most of their business in the time it takes to replace the automobile fleet four to eight years. I fear that cold fusion will abolish old jobs more quickly than it creates new ones. It will cause a burst of unemployment.

It will not be like the unemployment in the s when automobiles gradually displaced passenger trains, or in the s when computers finally began reducing the ranks of middle managers forty-five years after ENIAC. Automobiles and computers are so complicated, it took decades before they produced a large impact on employment. Automobiles required breakthroughs in motors, tires, quick drying paint, automatic starters, and so on. They required years of massive investment in factories and supporting technology like highways and refineries.

Cold fusion will be implemented quickly by substituting cold fusion engines for gasoline engines, and leaving the rest of the vehicle alone. Later models will be re-engineered to better exploit cold fusion's advantages. A home generator will be a plug-in replacement for the power lines. Consumers will be ready to take advantage of it the day it goes on sale. The change over to cold fusion will be accelerated in the last stages.

It now takes six to eight years to replace nearly every automobile on the road. The first cold fusion models will be expensive and unreliable, but in a few years they will become as cheap and reliable as gasoline models, and nearly every customer will select them. As gasoline automobiles wear out, more and more of the fleet on the road will be powered by cold fusion. When a quarter of the automobiles no longer consume gasoline, gas stations go bankrupt in droves.

Retail gasoline profits margins are thin. It forced others to consolidate, and it led almost all of them to modernize, install self-service pumps, and set up convenience stores. At some point it will become difficult to find a gas station still in business. People will be stranded on highways. Commuters will have to drive miles away from their neighborhood to find one of the last remaining gas stations in the city. This will force the holdouts to trade in their cars for cold fusion-powered models.

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  7. Not only will it become difficult to find fuel, it will be difficult to find spare parts and mechanics qualified to repair the old models. The shift in space heaters, water heaters, stoves and electrical equipment will be accelerated for the same reason. Normally, home appliances last 20 to 25 years.

    But when most have been replaced by cold fusion models, you will not be able to find a repairman or spare parts for the old models. It will be like trying to fix an electric typewriter in the age of personal computers.

    ColdFusion Future? | Adobe Community

    The gas and electric utility companies will begin filing for bankruptcy, and they will stop delivery. It is not economical to run a gas or electric power distribution network when only a small scattered fraction of the houses in a city are connected. It must be understood that we are not talking about dislocations or a partial reduction in the number of employees in the energy business.

    Cold fusion will eliminate every job in every part of the energy economy. Cold fusion requires no labor, that is, no extracting or hauling fuels, opening dam sluices, monitoring pollution controls, or repairing power lines after a storm. It does require mining and metal refining, but the metals are already mined for use in gasoline engines. We may need more palladium than we use today, but this will still take millions of times less labor than we expend drilling for oil and mining coal. Nobody on earth will ever again lift a finger to fuel a machine or transmit electricity. We will have no more oil wells, coal mines or pipe lines; no oil trucks or coal trains; and no power lines, or dams.

    Contrary to some oil industry executives, I do not think there will be any market for oil as a chemical feedstock. This will be cheaper, easier, and far safer than pumping oil from the ground and transporting it in ships and trucks. People who mine coal will not be mining palladium or nickel ore; the miners already digging this ore will not need much extra help. The plants at Ontario Hydro already produce more heavy water than the entire world would need with cold fusion.

    A small amount of heavy water, perhaps a kilogram, will be permanently sealed in the motor when it is manufactured, the way acid is sealed in a battery. This will be enough to drive the car millions of miles. They will not need help from unemployed oil company workers. This point eludes many people: Cold fusion calls for no extra effort, and no special value added to the engine.

    In the larger sense, cold fusion will not cost anyone anything - no resources and no work. We must build engines anyway to replace the old ones as they wear out. We use nickel, steel and palladium in gasoline engines, and we will use them in cold fusion engines. People get the impression that cold fusion will be expensive because experimental cold fusion cells are expensive and they take a terrific amount of work to make. But so do prototype gasoline engines. Cold fusion will be about as difficult to mass produce as batteries, computer RAM chips, or catalytic converters.

    These are physically similar to cold fusion devices, and they require similar production techniques, cleanliness and handling. The Energy Industry is Gigantic The energy industry is so big and pervasive that it is difficult to find reliable figures for the amount of money it earns or the number of people it employs.

    What Happens IF Cold Fusion Does Become Reality?

    Oil companies are the most important players in the energy business. It powers most vehicles and weapon systems. Oil is easy to blockade. Oil refineries are more vulnerable to attack than coal mines or hydroelectric dams. Oil deposits are not as evenly distributed around the world as coal, so oil concentrates wealth in some countries and in the southwest United States. Oil has a flamboyant history. Changes in oil prices and periodic oil shocks have had a profound effect on the economy and stock markets.

    As Yergin says in the conclusion of his definitive history The Prize: Oil has helped to make possible mastery over the physical world. It has given us our daily life and, literally, through agricultural chemicals and transportation, our daily bread. It has also fueled the global struggles for political and economic primacy. Much blood has been spilled in its name. The fierce and sometimes violent quest for oil and for the riches and power it conveys will surely continue so long as oil holds a central place. For ours is a century in which every facet of our civilization has been transformed by the modern and mesmerizing alchemy of petroleum.

    In OPEC appointed accountants to police quotas and maintain the cartel. However, their production figures can be verified with reasonable confidence. The oil they ship to Europe and America is carefully tallied. Here are production figures in millions of barrels per day: The retail value of the products refined from the oil is difficult to compute. Eighty-one percent of oil is sold as fuel, the price of which varies widely from country to country.

    Nineteen percent is sold to make plastics, fabrics, lipstick, and other synthetic products. Twenty-seven billion barrels equal 1. James Burgess of Oilprice. The most vital industry information will soon be right at your fingertips. Join the world's largest community dedicated entirely to energy professionals and enthusiasts. AlainCo on November 25 said:. My first remark is to ask why when something new arrive, today people systematically are scared and prepare for the worst Globally the efficiency will increase because less energy will be wasted in electricity conversion.

    Like I said about the Forbes article, talk about counting your chickens before they hatch! Walker on November 28 said:. The question of whether LENR is real is to a large extent answered. Rossi's plant is being built at the major power company is due to open in the US in February just three months from now. At a point soon afterwards invited guests and sceptical and non sceptical experts can view it in operation. So since we know how long each of those took to take off, we know generaly time to market is shortening in all products.

    The time to market is in fact decreasing exponetially, Raymond Kurzweil has done the research and statistical analysis on how fast new products reach market. That will drive advances very quickly. On the matter of potential polution so far some Neutrons have been detected at high output settings, it is also believed with some of the processes that use Hydrogen rather than Dueterium that the Hydride may become saturated with Tritium though at very low levels.

    Never the less Rossi's Licensees will be exchanging the very small fuel core every six months possibly to prevent this being an issue. With such minute quanties and with the energy this allows meaning space travel becomes cheap, then packing the expended cores off into space in small batches is a simple solution, as is using a hot Tritium reactor to get to Helium.

    So now we come to what this means to the Oil Market: Prices for fossil fuels will drop very quickly to begin with as dealers begin to dump exess capacity and producers start running wells less efficiently after getting maximum output in a shortened time frame for sale rather than maximising long term output. Certain high cost sources will be dumped too this will reduce energy capcity, that will stablise prices for a short term until full decline and transfer to increasing LENR sources. The massive energy surplus will allow totaly new businesses, so expect a boost in the world economy to dwarf both the steam and computer age booms combined.

    That boom will start in rising sharply over 5 years and go on for a couple of decades. With the ability to pump desalinated water to the deserts and to make industrial high energy farms in the West, most major arrable land in the developed world will go fallow, land prices will drop. Flat Arrable land will become free to build on. Sterling Allan on November 29 said:. These "cold fusion" devices produce 0. Remember your elementary math.

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    Walker on December 04 said:. The Sensible Rats are leaving the sinking ship everyone take note!