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Return to Book Page. Preview — Hanger Stout, Awake! This slender page coming-of-age novella was first published in and reprinted several times. Now, in celebration of its 50th anniversary, it is available as an ebook. Southern novelist Eudora Welty said about the book: It seemed to me blessed with honesty, clarity, directness, proportion and a lovely humor. He has interests and aspirations, but no definite goals. Others start calling him "Hanger," and an out-of-town stranger, trying to help the boy to profit from this talent, organizes various "hanging competitions.

Hanger is no longer a boy and not yet an adult — but he finds himself in a world where older adults are constantly offering advice and supervision and alleged wisdom. Until then, Hanger had always been an amiable and trusting sort; now Hanger needs to look at things through adult eyes — can he adapt to a world which seems less safe or reliable but possibly more profound? This book will help you remember how it felt to be a teenager…before you needed to start worrying about more serious matters.

Like life, or what passes for life in the world of adults. The novel is now for sale as an ebook.

The Cars of Hanger Stout Awake | Ghostly Populations

I found these photos from the Internet Wikipedia, etc , and so I do not own the rights to any of these images; the copyright belongs to the owner. The novel Hanger Stout Awake! But on a literal level at least, the story is simply about cars. They become the setting for everyday dramas, and at some point acquire a history closely aligned with its driver. Instead, I found a lot more variety of styles and customizations than what appears on roads today. Even more amazing to me was how popular these vintage cars still are. From the Chevrolet Story , a promotional book published by Chevrolet.

From the About Chevy Ads , a blog which reprints a lot of old car ads.

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  • Ebook Announcement: Hanger Stout, Awake! (Novel) | Ghostly Populations.
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Its hood had waves on it, it was so hot. It was waiting for a lube and oil change.


This new T Bird come in, and I see Bo Thompson start to drop his Coke, because he likes to take care of the expensive new cars. I finished the milk shake and coney and got in my Chevy.

And she said, Oh sometimes I do. So I figured she liked them if they were new and expensive. There was an old Buick station wagon there that looked like it was big enough to haul pianos. Its rims were sunk in the ground, clear up to the hubs, it had been there so long. The promoter sets up a match pitting Clyde against some top competitors in the hanging world It's about hanging, drifting, call it what you will. Leading the rudderless life. Hence the frustration of others in Clyde's life, delivered with a verbal slap: The prose is easy to read and engaging, as is Hanger himself.

Stop by if you feel like hanging for awhile. Apr 25, Doug rated it really liked it. It was written in , and was my first exposure to Jack Matthews.


The novel is written in his own words, and his syntax is sometimes a bit tortur Hanger Stout, Awake! The novel is written in his own words, and his syntax is sometimes a bit tortured. But Hanger is nothing like as dumb as he might at first appear to an over-educated reader, nor to the residents of his town. And his story, although small in scope, is marked by humor, warmth, melancholy, and some surprisingly striking language.

Apr 13, David rated it really liked it. Every time I read something by Matthews, I get something a little bit different.


It's always well done, but very little of his fiction that I've seen bears too much resemblance to the rest. He does have quite a range.

1956 Chevy black (Hanger’s Car)

This was an interesting one. I loved the voice.

Hanger Stout, Awake! (50th Anniversary Edition)

It was engaging and very consistent. It isn't the most dramatic thing I've read by Matthews, but that really wouldn't fit the character well anyway. In short, I enjoyed reading. Joshua Rea rated it liked it Feb 26,