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What was the most surprising mystery you discovered in your studies?

Clarence Larkin :: Chapter 27. The Mysteries

That's so hard to say as there are so many, and so many moments of being amazed. What surprised me is that as I wrote it, new mysteries kept coming. I think the reader will find many surprises waiting. Share some of the revelations in The Book of Mysteries that are contained in God's word, but would never been seen in the English translation? One of the mysteries in the book concerns the name of God.

In English we read the word 'God. It breaks the rules of standard grammar.

It means that whatever you think of God, there's always more. Another mystery in the book has to do God's mercy. When we read in the Hebrew Scriptures that God has mercy, it doesn't really say that, not in the Israel language. The word is Rachamim.

It's another one of those unique words in Hebrew that holds strange properties. The word for sin in Hebrew is singular, but the word for God's mercy is plural. That means, no matter how much sin you have, God's mercy and love to cover that sin is more than enough.


And one more mystery in the book that reveals an amazing thing about Messiah's death. In Isaiah 53, is a prophecy of Messiah's death. You would never see it in English, but the word used for Messiah's death is not death In other words, He didn't die only one death—He died many deaths. He died the deaths of all. Each of our deaths are included in that one Hebrew word. It also reveals that the death He died was so great, that even the word 'death' cannot contain what He did for us. So however good you think God is, He's better.

And whatever we know of God, we don't even know the half of it. We have only just barely begun. Therefore, no matter how long we've known Him, we must never stop—never stop seeking Him, never stop the journey. And for most believers, we have to begin it again, as if for the first time—as there is so much more to find and discover. That's why I wrote The Book of Mysteries. She is author of over 25 books. Find her online at jenniferleclaire. Visit the Charisma Store to view all our specials.

Help Charisma stay strong for years to come as we report on life in the Spirit. Click here to keep us strong! Today, no one has any idea what He was talking about. From the description, we know that Behemoth is a land-based animal and a very big one. So what is it?

10 Puzzling Biblical Mysteries We’ll Never Solve

Some modern scholars have suggested the above passage describes a hippopotamus, which makes sense until you remember the cedar-sized tail. Others have suggested an elephant or even a dinosaur that survived into biblical times. The whole thing is a total mystery, one not helped by God describing another mythical creature only a couple of passages later.

The Old Testament is full of regions and cities now lost to human knowledge , but perhaps none is quite so intriguing as Ophir. Not just gold, but also silver, ivory, and precious stones, not to mention luxurious peacocks strutting about. By all accounts, it was a place of fantastic wealth and riches, a region almost unparalleled in the goods it could provide a biblical king. And its location is a complete mystery.

The Bible itself seems to suggest it was on the Arabian Peninsula , but that now sounds unlikely. Modern scholars think it was located either in East Africa—perhaps in the area of Somalia—or else in India.

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The peacocks would seem to support the India hypothesis, while the presence of ivory is more in line with contemporary accounts of trade in Africa. Then again, it could be somewhere else entirely.

Biblical Mysteries

In the Book of Apocalypse also known as Revelation , the author very specifically mentions a period of 1, years, known as the Millennium, when Jesus will reign over the Earth. Modern scholars are completely divided on everything to do with the Millennium—including how long it will last. For some, the Millennium is literally what it sounds like: Others have claimed it is the moment of resurrection, lasting an undetermined time, while yet others think the whole thing is a big metaphor for the majority of humanity converting to Christianity. Since it is part of the very confusing Book of Apocalypse, an extra layer of uncertainty appears because some people think this time is yet to come, while others think it has already happened.

Luke directly states that Jesus was born during the reign of Herod, when the first great census was taking place. Although Quirinius conducted a great census around A. In , the Pope declared the Christian calendar to be off by several years , but not everyone agrees. Although the Bible specifically mentions where the Ark landed, that specific place is Urartu, an ancient kingdom in East Turkey. Since no evidence points to a giant flood ever affecting Turkey, we have no idea where the Ark supposedly came to rest. Clocking in at over three quarters of a million words, the Bible is one of the longest books ever written.

Thanks to other parts of the Bible referencing the missing works, we know they existed. For example, Chronicles Same with the Book of the Wars of the Lord , which allegedly contained an epic cycle of poems dealing with the Israelite army laying waste to entire civilizations.