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The Andromeda Journey Continues

The Keelah Si'yah, according to the Mass Effect Wiki , departed for Andromeda after the human, asari, turian, and salarian arks, because of delays caused by the more complex biological needs of its inhabitants. Based on the responses to the news on Twitter, not every Mass Effect fan is happy with the novel-instead-of-an-expansion wrap-up to Andromeda. But it's not a hasty fill-in to tie up loose ends, nor is it even actually new: Alexander, which was released in March, and Initiation by N.

Jemesin and Mac Walters, slated to come out on November The only thing that's changed as far as I can tell is the release date: However, theoretically speaking, there is nothing to conclusively indicate that intergalactic travel is impossible.

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There are several hypothesized methods of carrying out such a journey, and to date several academics have studied intergalactic travel in a serious manner. Due to the size of the distances involved any serious attempt to travel between galaxies would require methods of propulsion far beyond what is currently thought possible in order to bring a large craft close to the speed of light.

According to the current understanding of physics , an object within space-time cannot exceed the speed of light, [4] which means an attempt to travel to any other galaxy would be a journey of millions of earth years via conventional flight.

Manned travel at a speed not close to the speed of light, would require either that we overcome our own mortality with technologies like radical life extension or traveling with a generation ship. If traveling at a speed closer to the speed of light, time dilation would allow intergalactic travel in a timespan of decades of on-ship time.

What Makes the Original Mass Effect SO SPECIAL! (Journey to Andromeda)

Additional constraints include the variety of unknowns regarding the durability of a spaceship for such complex travel. Fluctuating temperatures as in the warm-hot intergalactic medium could potentially disintegrate future spacecraft if not properly shielded. These challenges also mean a return trip would be very difficult.

Therefore, all future studies on the risks and feasibility of intergalactic travel would have to include a wide range of simulations to increase chances of a successful payload. Voyages to other galaxies at sub-light speeds would require voyage times anywhere from hundreds of thousands to many millions of years.

Exploring Andromeda

To date only one design such as this has ever been made. Theorized in , [5] and observed in , [6] there are stars moving faster than the escape velocity of the Milky Way, and are traveling out into intergalactic space. One of the mechanisms would be that the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way ejects stars from the galaxy at a rate of about one every hundred thousand years. Another theorized mechanism might be a supernova explosion in a binary system. However, recently November stars going up to a significant fraction of the speed of light have been postulated, based on numerical methods.

And, the authors think, will be detectable by forthcoming telescopes.

Mass Effect novel about the quarian journey to Andromeda is coming next year | PC Gamer

These could be used by entering into an orbit around them and waiting. Another proposal is to artificially propel a star in the direction of another galaxy. While it takes light approximately 2. Intergalactic travel for humans is therefore possible, in theory, from the point of view of the traveller. Accelerating to speeds closer to the speed of light with a relativistic rocket would allow the on-ship travel time to be drastically lower, but would require very large amounts of energy.

A way to do this is space travel using constant acceleration.

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Traveling to the Andromeda Galaxy , 2 million light years away, would take 28 years on-ship time with a constant acceleration of 1g and a deceleration of 1g after reaching half way, to be able to stop. Decelerating at the halfway point in order to stop dramatically increases the fuel requirements to 42 trillion kg fuel per kg payload.

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  • This is ten times the mass of Mt Everest required in fuel for each kg of payload. As the fuel contributes to the total mass of the ship, carrying more fuel also increases the energy required to travel at a certain acceleration and extra fuel added to make up for the increased mass would further contribute to the problem. The fuel requirements of going to the Andromeda Galaxy with constant acceleration means that either the payload has to be very small, the spaceship has to be very large or it has to collect fuel or receive energy on the way through other means e.

    The Alcubierre drive is a hypothetical concept that is able to impulse a spacecraft to speeds faster than light the spaceship itself would not move faster than light, but the space around it would. This could in theory allow practical intergalactic travel.