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Mar 26, Shaun Horton rated it it was amazing Shelves: A fairly short book, but a good read.

It's basically Chicken Soup for the Soul with every story being about Batman. Every chapter is about one facet of how we get along as human beings and to be honest, none of it is anything more people don't just inherently know.

Wisdom from the Batcave: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life - Cary A. Friedman - Google Книги

What helps is the reminder that our lives, how we live them and how we treat others are all up to us. Fair warning, it is written by a Rabbi, and while not about his religion The book is about the goddamned Batman! So you may want to steer away if you're offended by other people's religions. Also, the kindle version I was reading had the bad habit of hacking up where the pictures were supposed to be within the text, sometimes creating a whole page just for the image and other times including the image at the end of the segment.

The Psychology, Myth and Legacy of Batman

Still, a great book to read for a little healthy uplifting. Oct 04, Al Gritten rated it really liked it. Interesting read, especially for Batman fans and for those interested in theology and religious studies.

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Well written and quick read with lots of interesting points. Given to me by a friend who correctly assumed that I would enjoy it. Friedman is a rabbi, but plenty of application for Christian spirituality as well.

Wisdom from the Batcave: How to Live a Super, Heroic Life

Some of this will probably make its way into sermons at some point. Jun 26, James Marsh rated it it was amazing. Rabbi, consultant to the FBI, and life long comic book fan Cary Friedman writes a concise but engaging piece that reflects life lessons we can learn from the example of Batman as well as support from other spiritual leaders. It was fun, insightful and inspiring and short. Get this Its a great read and is very easy to follow and implement in real life.

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Glad I bought it! Very inspiring piece of work. Dec 17, BookOfLife added it Shelves: Amy rated it liked it Mar 29, Jake Kline rated it it was amazing Jan 13, Sappho rated it it was ok May 09, Annice22 rated it it was amazing Jul 12, Akiva rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Omar Villafane rated it it was amazing May 20, Merideth rated it liked it May 25, Kenneth Ortiz rated it it was amazing Feb 28, Tim rated it really liked it Jan 04, Pedro S Romero C rated it it was amazing Dec 28, Rachel Cohen rated it it was amazing Jun 15, Sooraj rated it really liked it Jul 29, Tony rated it liked it Dec 29, Anthony Gray rated it liked it Jun 27, Geoffrey Gawne rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Tyler rated it really liked it Sep 19, He takes the miserable situation life handed him and, unbroken and defiant, converts it into magnificent victory by working, constantly and tirelessly, to ensure that no one else suffers such senseless loss.

Spiraling into despair was not an option for Bruce. Bruce Wayne describes what he chose to do as a result of his own experience with tragedy: It's so easy and seductive to succumb to depression and wallow in self-pity, to talk forevermore about what might have been "if only. Self-pity is the easy way out. The more difficult choice is the road that the Batman chooses.

His loss is ever before his eyes, the wound reopened daily. It would be much easier to bury his pain in some self-indulgent, self-defeating behavior.

To The Batpoles!

Jewish tradition teaches that This World is a preparation for the Next World, a world of the spirit. Our job in This World, then, is to prepare for the Next World by developing and refining our character. While this can be a painful process, our goal is to challenge ourselves to rise above adversity and become the best, most noble version of ourselves. Misfortune creates opportunities for personal growth, development and refinement of character. Would Helen Keller have attained the same greatness of character if not for her physical disabilities and her determination to triumph over them?

When life is easy, and everything is comfortable, there may be no particular need to tap into the depths of our potential. It doesn't require a lot of bravery or patience to endure an ice cream sandwich of happiness and comfort. On the other hand, when adversity strikes, we often begin to contemplate the preciousness of health and life and what we could be accomplishing.

If Thomas and Martha had not been murdered, Bruce may have become the indolent, shallow, spoiled playboy he only now pretends to be. What motivation would he have had to tap into those limitless capabilities and push himself tirelessly to help people and battle evil? Why would he bother?

In the classic Detective Comics , a shadowy, supernatural hero, the Phantom Stranger, offers the Batman a chance to travel to another, alternate reality to prevent the murder and save the lives of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Wisdom from the Bat Cave

Robin [Dick Grayson] accompanies the Batman on this journey into that other dimension which lags behind ours by about twenty years, at the point when the Waynes are approaching their encounter with the gunman. The Batman and Robin observe the Waynes of this other dimension in their home. The Batman, of course, is overwhelmed to see his "parents," and his reaction is obvious: I won't let you die again! He is circumspect because the young Bruce Wayne of this dimension is a "spoiled little brat!

Bruce Wayne used his own experience with personal tragedy to ensure that other people would live happier lives. A crushing tragedy isn't the only way to inspire growth and accomplishment. Before we consider other lessons to be learned from the Batman, let's return for a moment to the happy conclusion of Detective Comics But what becomes of little "spoiled brat" Bruce?

Apparently, we learn from the story's postscript, adversity doesn't have to be final or fatal to knock us out of our complacency: That night, Bruce Wayne learned what Death was