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That process and help is available to you. For anyone who is self-employed or is aspiring to be an entrepreneur, and is willing to do the work, I will continually coach you on the great opportunity ahead. When a business idea or the opportunity to go into a sales career matches a market opportunity along with your genuine enthusiasm, you have the unique ability not to just create a thriving business, but also to create the lifestyle you desire.

Combining work with a great lifestyle would seem to be a desire in life everyone would want. However, along the path to change comes the realization that change is difficult and the business world is much more competitive than you first imagined. Newly anointed entrepreneurs will typically begin to focus on what they want, only to find the prolonged wait of receiving that prize takes longer than they expected, and thus soon quit.

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A better method is to add another step to your development process. Absolutely discover your why, know what you specifically want and need to achieve, realize your goal and purpose, but then add the next step to help guarantee your success. It is not enough to know what and why you want to accomplish a goal, you must also answer the question who do you want to be?

Every success story is backed by an individual taking appropriate daily actions to improve their results. This is true for businesses, individual sales professionals and those who want to improve their personal relationships or health. They learned to develop the right habits that became a part of their success routine in business and in life. From how they start their day, to how they present themselves, to what they read and who they associate with.

They received help learning how to develop accountability, and you can as well! How did such a great concept get such a negative reputation?

Inefficient leaders, managers, and excuse makers have wrapped it into a veil of negativity and used it as the enforcer of responsibility. When you decide to create your own success, accountability becomes a central part of the equation. In order to master the component of accountability, you need first a system to hold yourself accountable but also a confidant, coach, mentor or someone you trust who has interest in your success.

I believe in coaching and accountability so much that at United Real Estate we offer 12 months of coaching through our JumpStart training program. It is a part of our franchise ownership culture that allows us to exponentially grow each year as our operators commit to bi-annual conferences, bi-weekly accountability and coaching sessions known as our Broker Amplified series. I will be personally conducting regional sessions across the United States sharing proven methods to help agents increase their incomes and show them how to build the lifestyle they desired when they made the decision to enter into real estate.

Freedom is realized when you have the ability to do what you are supposed to do. Everyone who achieved great success had help. During Amplified Selling, I will review what you need to know to raise the level of your success, the energy in your daily life and how to enhance all of your relationships to develop a very productive real estate business.

Recently, I attended a real estate leadership conference hosted by Brad Inman and his Inman organization. The conference was by invitation only for real estate leaders across the United States and was branded Inman Disconnect in the Desert as there were no name badges or noted hierarchy, and was held in the desert of Palm Springs.

To begin, Brad Inman did a tremendous job of setting the tone so the egos of executives whose organizations compete with each other would be set aside, and attendees could have an open discussion on topics that are of importance to, not only the real estate industry, but also the socio-economic future of our country. I personally have not been to a conference that I was not responsible for putting on or speaking at in some time, so the ability to just attend and participate as a guest, along with great weather in March, made it enjoyable.

As an observer and ongoing student of not only business principles but of human nature, it was easy to see that there were two types of disconnects that were occurring. Prior to the event, Inman polled its large online audience to ask them questions about what their concerns are for the housing industry and what they have witnessed their leadership get involved with. Here are two example questions and the answers:.

What are the biggest social and economic issues affecting the real estate industry right now? Out of 22 possible answers; affordable housing received the largest percentage of votes with However, when asked What social and economic issues has your leadership taken a stand on? Again with the same 22 possible answers only 8. That disconnect is troubling as there are not enough meaningful conversations happening about the construction of new affordable housing. The price of homes for entry level housing is increasing at a faster pace and continues to outpace wage growth.

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It is beginning to look like a desert of doubt for many individuals wanting to own part of their American dream and purchase their first home. Good leadership is about influencing individuals to move and take action on the way people think about what is achievable, desirable and also necessary. Those leadership traits tied together determine the direction of a business, an association, government entity or society. We need more leaders taking an active role to influence change on how we are addressing affordable housing for a growing population. Please view one of the previous posts on this topic.

To read more about the topics of discussion at the Inman Disconnect Conference visit here. Sales, like many high income potential careers, has always been competitive. For the first time, that I am aware of, there are more active Realtors than there are active listings to begin a new year. The number of Realtors is slightly down from the peak of real estate market in , but the inventory levels continue to decrease. We are now entering the 11 th straight year of single family home construction being at historically low levels. See graph — info from Census Bureau. Prices will continue to rise and increase at a higher annual rate than wages.

The good news is that unemployment is down, but wages are not growing at the same pace as housing prices. New business entrants need to enter the discussion with local and national government agencies on how to get more single family entry level homes built. That is currently not happening. Knowing the competitive landscape, what should you do as a real estate professional who wants to grow their income in ? A massive amount of money has been invested in companies looking to change the dynamics of the real estate relationships between consumers and agents, and brokerages and agents.

The quality and sources for accurate housing data for consumers continues to improve and is becoming easier to access. The consumer with the iPhone is in charge. But who will own the relationship to assist them with the biggest and most complicated investment in their life? It should remain the local, micro market expert.

What agents need to do immediately is have an aggressive plan to market themselves on social media Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter , as well as through traditional online sources, and take massive action to build their local brand. The worst case scenario is the new entrants keep them as their real estate customer. Forget the noisy discussions amongst the largest brands about who is going to own the real estate data. The reality is that agents who have owned the real estate consumer relationships have up to three years to make a commitment to establish themselves as the micro market expert and own their database.

The agents who build, own and invest in building their brand reputation, will remain the trusted source. This is your road map. The question for agents to ask themselves knowing this to be the true path is: I want to personally thank all of our coast-to-coast attendees, our sponsors, brokers and agents from our host city, the great speakers and the United corporate staff who made the United Real Estate Convention a high-energy, impactful event!

There is no question that United is a company filled with passionate, driven individuals who are willing to take action to improve their business, improve the lives of our families and the communities we serve. We strive as a company to be different — and that starts with the relationship we have with our agents.

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We partner with our agents to not only sell real estate, but to help them create a lifestyle that is based on who they want to be. Determining who you want to be and developing yourself will put you on the one true path to long-term success. Being authentic and true is an important part of that equation. So, start taking action towards who you want to be, be genuine, and the rest will fall into place.

We will continue to raise the energy level of the event and the growth opportunities for our brokers and agents. Look for pictures and videos to be posted soon to recapture the fun! By the end of , the Case-Shillar housing price index reported its largest price drop in its history. Housing prices in most urban and suburban areas struggled to recapture their value before starting to rebound in The theme of the N.

With a pending massive tax legislation being proposed, the idea of raising your income in was an immediate challenge to envision. This time, the uncertainty at the major real estate conference of the year was not about the financial stability of households, the economy, or the quality of mortgage underwriting. It was legislation proposing the elimination of mortgage interest and property tax deductions.

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These deductions have helped to promote and incentivize homeownership, helping millions of families realize the American dream of owning their own home. Eliminating those deductions completely would have a major negative impact on housing markets across the United States. Credit is certainly due to the N. The deductions stayed in the tax reform that passed into law. However, there are now limitations that affect certain areas more than others. You also are less likely to take out an equity loan for a down payment on a vacation home. How local real estate markets will be affected by the new law remains to be seen.

What is clear for is a universal agreement amongst economists that there will be a modest, at best, increase in the number of home sales. This means more competition for real estate buyers trying to purchase an affordable home and an increase in competition amongst REALTORS to build their client base. What will it take to grow your income in ? First, you will need to become an expert. Not an expert in your entire city, but an expert in a micro-market. Real estate consumers will do their research and will want to work with someone they like and trust.

That trust will be gained in by agents who position themselves as micro-market experts, not generalists.

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Second, develop the thinking of an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur in real estate is not only a business model, it is a mindset. You need a mindset of positivity, growth, and personal accountability in to raise your income. To learn more about the market, micro-markets, and developing a mindset of growth, please view my Facebook live interview with RealTrends at the N.

It is about the beginning of a new calendar. The fresh new calendar and end of year celebrations, spurs millions to rethink their opportunities in life. In order to get where you want to go, you have to accept the realities of your current situation. The program includes training workshops and a mentorship program.

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A lot of our mentees have already left their fulltime jobs to go into real estate development full time. There have been no defaults. Almost all of the money goes towards the purchase and rehabilitation of single family homes like the one on Rittenhouse Street, along with some three-to-four bedroom units and one mixed-use property that includes coffee shop. The idea is to stave off blight by incentivizing development in neighborhoods where the real estate market is lukewarm.

It is also meant to ensure that the housing stock is rehabilitated by responsible developers. The neighborhood definitely needs developers like Williams and Irving, who are willing to invest in an area that could use a splash of the capital that is washing over neighborhoods like Point Breeze and Fishtown. The tracts to the east, south, and west are all more than 20 percent vacant. Weinstein and his firm, Philly Office Retail, have long been unusual for their focus on Germantown, a once-wealthy corner of the city that suffered terribly from systemic racial discrimination in housing and lending markets.

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  8. The Jumpstart program is designed to incentivize further reinvestment thereby restricting its generosity to the neighborhood and those that surround it, like West Oak Lane and parts of North Philadelphia. Programs like ours need to step in and loan people money so they can get started. It may seem counterintuitive for Weinstein to incentivize new developers to enter a market where he is so heavily invested.

    But in the real estate business, the more interest there is in an area, the more money there is to be made there. Jumpstart reports that interest has been sprinkled throughout the geographic area. In the last half year, the Jumpstart model also spread to Kensington and Mt. The program offered them loans with very generous interest rates and stuck with them while they put in offers and applications for 20 or so properties before they landed one.

    When they tried to save money on general contractors by doing the manual labor themselves — an experiment that ended in frustration and splinters — Jumpstart helped steer them towards reputable contractors. A lot of nails to the foot. Never, never, never again. They recall how Weinstein himself methodically walked through their prospective houses, offering them tips and observations.

    Williams says the veteran developer responds to their emails as late as midnight or 1: