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Cooke commanded one of the ships in Captain Woodes Rogers's circumnavigation. This buccaneering account includes a description of California, with a plate showing a native of the region. Published as a single volume with a continuation published later the same year. Hill ; Sabin ; Streeter sale Octavo x mm. Contemporary paneled calf rebacked; lightly worn at extremities.

Streeter bookplate; penciled annotations on front free endpaper; his sale, Parke Bernet, 24 April , lot ; purchased from Henry Stevens, — Frank S. And his narrative unfolds as a direct consequence of such orderly words. The authority they vest in him is the authority to punish illicit speech. Hence, one political space constituted through writing is portrayed as coming into conflict with the anarchy of the crew, who, with the usurped written word, threaten the legitimate order of the ship. As befitting the hero of a narrative of triumphant authority, Rogers succeeds in calming the waters.

Hence, his narrative reads like a lesson to future commanders.

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And it was in this capacity that it was brought along as instruction on a similar voyage a decade later Betagh The father of English maritime historiography Richard Hakluyt had recommended for his own writings to be brought along on voyages in order for the seafarers to learn from the examples of the past Hakluyt epistle dedicatory. When at sea, the voyage narrative itself was to solve the problem of the deleterious political character of the ship by producing silence through examples.

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This may sound like a characteristic of Renaissance maritime practice but this poetics was still alive and well when in under the command of later Admiral George Anson, the first English expedition set off in the wake of the navigators discussed here. Perhaps it was this poetics that moved the Admiralty to buy 31 copies which might illustrate the way in which the poetics of authority was perceived as being part of that materiality of writing operating as a form of maritime governance Williams Firstly, the distance which the texts constitute allows for these authors to grant themselves a mandate to speak, which is seen as a privileged position.

Hence, they ward off the uneasiness which their contemporary Shaftesbury pinpoints in deriding travel narratives because of their egalitarian character. By performing difference, these authors would attempt to avoid this disgrace and dishonour in which any possibility of poetics collapses, due to the narrator being indistinct. Secondly, the voyage narrators would situate their own writing as a practice complicit with the well-governed ship. And the writing itself was to become useful to such a ship as either carrier of geographical and navigational information or as an example of how to govern or be governed.

In this capacity, the narratives themselves travelled while overriding links to other narrative traditions emerging on the ship. If we want to fully understand the relationship that I have hinted at in this paper, we ought to take into account the narrative traditions within the shipboard community itself. We might ask how voyage narratives were part of the discourse of the decks, however elusive such links might be.

Hence, I will end my paper with a brief set of examples — a few scenes to complicate the story further.

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Yet, they also spent their time feasting, having barbecues and playing dice. From the many narratives of this voyage, we can piece together an image in which these feasts were also the sites of discourse.

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What did the pirates talk about? They talked about Sir Francis Drake. Cox 22; Ringrose 63; Add. His officer who relates the voyage seems to forget the style in which he is writing and for a brief moment paints a picture in which the seasoned buccaneer relates the story of his travels, trials and tribulations, with the delighted privateers eagerly listening to the fascinating life story. When the fleet split, with one ship suffering a devastating shipwreck on the Chilean coast, the shipwrecked community seems to have broken up almost completely in the following months.

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One incident is striking. A midshipman by the name of Henry Cozens becomes all too talkative.

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  • In a drunken fit, he tells the Captain the story of a previous shipwreck in those seas, namely that suffered by George Shelvocke. The Captain did not like this version of the voyage narrative and a few days later, he shot Henry Cozens directly in the mouth. Cozens died and, ironically, the shooting seems to have caused the crew to raise a mutiny.

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    Bulkeley and Cummins We find such traces of circulating stories even as the books sheltered their readers from this space by enacting their poetics of distance. Archival manuscript source from British Library. Oxford University Press, A Voyage Round the World. Bulkeley, John and John Cummins. Or, the Adventures of Capt. Navigantium atque Itinerarium Bibliotheca: Or, a Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels. Woodward, A Ward, S.

    Hitch, H Whitridge, S.

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    Sharp, And Others, in the South Sea. Sharp And others, in the South Sea: Being a Journal of the same, A New Voyage Round the World. Passion, Power and Theatre on the Bounty. Cambridge University Press, Being an Account of Capt. Funnell, Mate to Capt. A Collection of Voyages. The Story of the English Sea Rover, University of Delaware Press, Journal of Historical Geography 37 The Hakluyt Society, An Elizabethan in Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers A Cruising Voyage Round the World: Characteristics of Men, Manners, Opinions, Times, etc,.

    Voyage to the South Seas. Reprinted from the original of The Burrows Brothers Company, Princeton University Library Chronicle Aalborg Universitet heinsen cgs. The poetics of authority 11 In the writings of powerful elements within the maritime hierarchy, we often find a different type of poetics which is, however, constituted through a similar distance. Archival manuscript source from British Library Aristotle. Print Bulkeley, John and John Cummins. Archival manuscript source from British Library Wafer, Lionel.