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The continued sectarian violence in Iraq, as in many post-conflict societies, has uniquely harmed women and girls through the loss of livelihoods, educational opportunities, family and community support mechanisms, and exposure to violence. IOM Iraq has supported women and girls forced to flee their homes and communities through a variety of programs providing socio-economic support, educational and vocational training opportunities, psychosocial support, and referrals for medical, legal, shelter, and other priority needs.

Despite evolving attitudes in Iraqi society towards women and equality, many Iraqi women and girls often face discrimination and marginalization owing to tradition and cultural norms, which keep them from actively participating in the public sphere. Education for girls is seen as a lower priority than for boys, and many women are expected to make caring for their children and their homes their only priority, leaving little means or opportunities for them to become economically empowered outside of the family structure.

Times of crises amplify these inequalities, with many women left to support themselves and their families without the knowledge and skills to be successful, nor the assistance and support of their adult male family members. Additionally, the breakdown of social structures has rendered Iraqi women and girls particularly vulnerable to gender-based violence, including domestic violence, sexual violence, and harassment.

But, there was a lot to love. Often, in a book like this, the characters are heroic and larger than life. However, this is simply a family's story, and one full of love. They experience many of the same things and feelings that others around the world experience. There is love, pride, tragedy, and healing. What I loved the most was the weaving of Jewish culture and descriptions of food!

I'm no expert, but from what I understand about Jewish culture family is central and educating subsequent generations on history both Jewish and family is at the center of family life. Violet was once a rebellious and head strong woman who came to find happiness in a marriage that produced two children. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer she began to keep a journal that hoping to fill in the next generation of the family's history. That resonated with me not only having recently attended a Seder of which they make many comparisons but because I, too, lost my mom to cancer.

Violet's feelings were raw, desperate, and full of love. Finally, again without hitting you over the head with political statements, this is the best work I've seen that brings home the importance of the nation of Israel to Jews - "Next year in Jerusalem. But, having some things that truly spoke to me personally I had a real visceral response to the work.

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But, if you like a good story and are new to Middle Eastern authors this is probably the book for you. Sep 20, Heidi rated it really liked it. Life, Death, Love, Loss, Growth. In Daughters of Iraq, author Revital Shiri-Horowitz tackles these issues and does it with astonishing grace and skill. Told in the alternating narratives of three different women from the same family, Shiri-Horowitz takes us from Iraq to Israel, from Loss to Living and from merely coping to truly existing.

Noa Rosen has lost her mother and is still reeling from that loss.

Upstate mom returns from Iraq; surprises daughter at school

A twenty-something student in Israel, she is seeking meaning and understanding. When she is given the diary that her mother kept during her illness she discovers that there was much about her mother that she never knew. Violet Rosen has come to the end of her life. Through the pages of her diary we learn of her immigration from Iraq to Israel. The diary is a Godsend for her daughter, Noa, after her loss, but it is also healing to Violet. Farida Sasson is also dealing with loss. She is a widow and is having a hard time coping with an emptiness that has enveloped her since her children have left home and her husband has passed away.

She finds strength in her family and in food and she loves to indulge in both.

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Through the pages of this diary she hopes that Noa will also learn the importance of family. I greatly enjoyed Daughters of Iraq. The pace of the book was wonderful and I found it hard to put down. I found the story to be very touching. I found myself turning pages faster and faster during her stories of a privileged existence in Iraq to a much more challenging life in Israel. I was deeply moved by the descriptions of her withering body and her coming to terms with it.

I also found this book to be educational. While it is a novel, it is based in historical fact and much of this history I never gave much consideration to. This review was first published on http: Daughters of Iraq tells the story of Iraqi Jews from the points of view of three women. Sisters Violet and Farida grew up in Iraq. They lived a fairly good life until the politics of the region drove them to Israel. They had to make new lives for themselves. The third woman is Violet's daughter Noa. Born in Israel, Noa is discovering about her past through a diary written by Violet.

These three stories are woven together with past and present combining to tell a marvelous tale of love, family, a Daughters of Iraq tells the story of Iraqi Jews from the points of view of three women. These three stories are woven together with past and present combining to tell a marvelous tale of love, family, and endurance. This book is a translation from the original Hebrew, so I feel there are times that it doesn't read as smooth as you would expect. However, this did not bother me.

“Daughters of Iraq” by Revital Shiri-Horowitz

I had a bit of a hard time getting into it in the beginning as each chapter seems to change narrators and time periods. Once you get adjusted to this, you really get drawn in. I found there to be a quiet sureness to the plot. There are no twists and turns or startling revelations. Instead you get an amazing story of three women who are living remarkable lives, even if they may not appear so to the rest of the world. I especially felt for Noa, who is really embarking on a journey of self-discovery through school work and life.

When her Aunt Farida gives her Violet's diary, Noa is able to learn even more about mother and her past. One common theme for all three women was discovering their true home. Violet and Farida were torn from their home country and the life they knew so well. In Israel, things were much harder. They even lived in a tent for a while. Meanwhile, Noa has in some sense been running away from her home. When her mother was ill, she couldn't seem to face the reality of it. Noa never really understood herself or what it really meant to be "home. I found this book to be so interesting. I am not that familiar with the time periods covered in these countries.

I really can't imagine being forced to leave your home because of your religion, and yet this family and many others were. It was a great book. Book provided for review. Aug 04, Evangeline Han rated it really liked it. After the first few chapters, I got used to the jumps and reading the book became easier.

Although this book is a fictional novel, the telling of the story made it sound hauntingly real. As I read, I had to remind myself that I was reading a historical novel, and not a nonfiction biography. The accentuation of the unnatural way English was spoken in certain conversations made the story all the more realistic. Readers are acquainted with the story and its characters through various ways: While I got to know quite a bit of Farida and her character personalities, I wished a more in-depth glimpse of Violet was given. One part in the book particularly stood out for me.

Overall, I thought that the length of Daughters of Iraq was too short for its type of story. But nevertheless, the historical aspect of the plot kept me enthralled with the story. It was interesting reading about the lives of Iraqi Jews and their migration to the new state of Israel. May 25, Wanda Hartzenberg rated it it was amazing. So let's get something straight, I love reading fiction. It is primarily my reading material of choice. I am blond, shallow and easily entertained.

That said I am also not a total idiot. So at times I really get lost in a narrative that opens up a new world to me. The Daughters of Iraq is one such book. The narrative, coursing over generations, sometimes in diary form etc draws the reader into a life and a world I have little if no knowledge about. For some reason or another it never occurred to So let's get something straight, I love reading fiction. For some reason or another it never occurred to me that Jewish people could live in Iraq, that Iraq did not feel the same pressure as did most of the world during WWII or any of the other myriad aspects addressed in this book.

The characters in this book is utterly amazing, those touched upon in third person narrative etc all do so with an openness and a frankness that I really enjoyed. These are not mass murderers; these are people, friends, family, and neighbors. Their flaws although apparent and at times appalling I had the world's worth of respect of Noa's grandfather and their successes, which shone through, one thing remained true.

This is a story about real people, people who get mistreated by their spouses, who gets killed due to a bicycle accident. People who will be remembered due to the way they dealt with life. Something has got to be said about the everyday heroes who live, and prosper in life without being a hero with a cape. I loved this book and would recommend it to any reader who wants to break free from the norm. A heartwarming family tale of love and loss. This is family storytelling at its best. Every once in a while, you come across a book that the author has put her whole heart and soul into and is able to convey every emotion flawlessly to the reader.

This is one of those very special books. I was completely absorbed by the stories of Violet, Farida and Noa and I felt A heartwarming family tale of love and loss. I was completely absorbed by the stories of Violet, Farida and Noa and I felt the love in the words as I read them. I took my time with this book. I savored every word and emotion and didn't want it to end. Shiri-Horowitz's words, I felt the joy and the pain of these women.

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I was very touched by this book. We learn of Violet as a vibrant child and then woman through the family stories that her sister, Farida, shares with Violet's daughter, Noa. We learn of Violet as a mother through Noa's recollections and through Noa's pain and guilt of losing her. Then we are treated to something so special by the author. She introduces Violet to us and her family as a woman through her diary that she writes to her loved ones as she lay dying from cancer. This is an amazing book and I will most definitely be reading it again.

Oct 12, Jennifer rated it it was amazing. I am so happy that I was invited to join in on the blog tour for Daughters Of Iraq. This book takes the reader on a journey through a period of history that many did not know existed. But how much do we know about those Jew's living in the Middle East around the same time.

They too ended up being pushed out of there homes and many escaped to Israel, including the characters in this book. This book makes you think, love, laugh, and cry. I felt like I was truly entering there world and making friends with them all. The storytelling is captivating and left me wanting to follow Noa further as she discovered things about her family's past forcing her to deal with present issues. As you read the book the characters become more and more real. The story reminds you that while you may not always know everything about your family's past the one thing you can be sure of is the love they have for each other, even if it is not always so obvious.

I really enjoyed this book and I think it is a must read for everyone. A true hidden gem. Jun 22, Wulfwyn rated it it was amazing Shelves: The book was so much more than I expected. The story revolves around 3 women, two sisters, Farida and the deceased Violet, we hear from her via her diary and Violet's daughter, Noa. It is a story of family, hurt, love, forgiveness and growing up.

I believe this book will especially appeal to women who like inspirational books, historically based books, those who like to learn more about other cultures and women of the Jewish faith. I must ask you not to pass it up because you feel that if you The book was so much more than I expected. I must ask you not to pass it up because you feel that if you are not Jewish you will not have an interest in it.

If you do you will be missing an excellent book that could enrich your own life regardless of your religion. I was not compensated for it. Daughters of Iraq introduced me into the world and traditions of a culture I had never thought to enter into. What a shame it took me so long. I used to think of Iraq, Israel as just words, a place, you know what I mean? I now see the people and some of their history.

I was drawn into the story by characters who shared their lives as if they were never a part of a fiction. The use of their native language really cinched it for me. I liked the way Revital Shiri-Horowitz flicked the story from pas Daughters of Iraq introduced me into the world and traditions of a culture I had never thought to enter into.

I liked the way Revital Shiri-Horowitz flicked the story from past to present and back again, while smoothly sharing bits of history. I could just picture it as a movie. I recommend this book to everyone. Being from an ethnic back round myself and having heard stories from family members of how it was back home I felt like I was hearing them again while reading this book. It gave me a warm feeling of family and tradition.

It enriches our lives to remember and pass on to future generations. The endurance of the women in this story is amazing. There is a sense of pride and hope that you are left with. Jul 25, Matt Posner rated it it was amazing. I bought this book for my wife who eagerly read it, telling me how interesting the characters were and how much she was learning. I don't usually read this kind of book, but I began reading and got hooked too.

Daughters of Iraq by Revital Shiri-Horowitz

This is a rare glimpse into the lives of women in a community most of us never heard about. Mar 26, Catherine Yezak rated it really liked it. This was a good story. It was interesting to see Farida, Violet, and Noa evaluate their lives based on what they are having to face. Whether it is love or the loss of life, these women prove how strong we really are! Jul 25, D. Weaver rated it it was amazing. Learned much about the country that I never knew. Interesting interaction of characters.

Well written and interesting. I different kind of read. Mar 07, P. Zick rated it really liked it. Once the veil parted, the visions held on the other side bathed me in their golden halo of reminiscences. I know enough about the history of the Middle East, including both Iraq and Israel, to know that its historical story overflows with themes of war. Daughters of Iraq leaves the wars alone for the most part except for Eddie, who fights a losing battle for Jews living in the Muslim Iraq.

Jews in Iraq almost sounds like an oxymoron, but through Ms. The many who fled to Israel remembered their lives in Iraq as magical and rich. When Eddie and his grandmother finally leave Iraq to find the rest of the family, they must save for years in order to find an apartment where they can all live.

Shiri-Horowitz tells the story through the narration of two generations. The two sisters, who grew up in Iraq with a mother very much the head of the household and very concerned with social standing, tell their story through reminiscing by an aging and alone Farida and through the journal of Violet, who writes her memories down for her children, as she lies dying of cancer.

Through the delving into a past Noa has never experienced, she finally recognizes life-changing truths about her family. The descriptions in this book transported me to that time and place in Iraq before the Jews became unwelcome residents. I recommend this book if you enjoy learning about a different culture, if you enjoy reading descriptive literature, and if you enjoy discovering how a family finally discovers the true meaning of home.

Aug 25, Uvi Poznansky rated it it was amazing. This is a story spun across several generations, weaving the voices of three woman of the same family, entwining memories and reality between two different locations: As you read the chapters--each one a short burst of one of the three voices--you begin to compose them, to fit the threads into a complete design.