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Escher demonstrated in this image, Angels and Demons. Which do you see first? Do you see parallel between the evil behaviours described in the video and the everyday bullying and evil behaviours in business? So what is evil? But he attributes evil behaviour to systems which create the opportunity or the pressure to behave in an evil way, and not to bad people.

Zimbardo was shocked but not surprised at the abuses in the US prison at Abu Ghraib in Iraq; where we saw people in extraordinary circumstances behave in evil ways. We see parallels in the abuses at Australian offshore detention centres. And negotiation tables pretty much anywhere.

Evil behaviour arises where an organisation encourages or allows bad behaviour.

Truth in Love

It teaches us that a bad system will justify bad behaviour in the individual. In a negotiation, if another person sets a bad example, that behaviour will be reinforced in others. This is particularly so if the bad example is an authority. Secondly, negotiators need to plan for how they are going to deal with bad behaviour if it arises. And if they identify that a bad system has been created, they need to know what they are going to do.

Abortionist Doctor Confronted, Demons Manifest!!! 100%

All of us have the potential to be a devil or hero. I believe that people are naturally good and can learn and unlearn evil behaviours. First we must distinguish between the person and their behaviour in just the same way that we see that children are not inherently naughty but may have naughty behaviour. You know you are going to hurt them financially, reduce their margin, and damage their business.

Bullying, threatening, and attack happen a lot in negotiations and worsen when the stakes get higher.

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We have seen many deals which were not sustainable because they forced concessions on one side. This can drive a business to the grave. Negotiation is a trading process, so you give to get. Never make unilateral concessions. The people who received the concession pushed harder and asked louder for more.

See a Problem?

You as a negotiator are only as good as your last concession. The risks in making unilateral concessions are:. Zimbardo has explored the idea of heroism and is vehement that all of us have the ability to act heroically. The first question is whether you should be at the table at all. We need to look carefully at the text to understand what's going on. So let's start at the beginning. The passage we're studying examines Jesus' ministry to cast out demons.

Please read in conjunction with this lesson my essay entitled "Demonization and Deliverance in Jesus' Ministry" http: After escaping martyrdom in Nazareth, Jesus returns to Capernaum, literally goes "down. Capernaum, is a town near the water's edge at the north end of the lake at an elevation of feet below sea level. Nazareth had been Jesus' hometown, now he moves to Capernaum and makes it his new base of operations. Its original meaning in classical Greek is "close to that of town, the oldest term for a fortified settlement or a larger settlement in general.

Casting Out Demons

In the New Testament, however, the word doesn't carry these political connotations. It means simply "an enclosed place of human habitation as distinct from uninhabited areas, pastures, villages, and single houses. Even at its largest population during the Byzantine period, it comprised only about 1, people. When Jesus "began to teach the people" in Capernaum, it was apparently in the town's synagogue. Jesus' ministry of teaching out-of-doors hadn't become necessary yet for two reasons: As yet he was hardly a blip on the religious establishment's radar, and Capernaum is far from the powers that be in Jerusalem.

If you visit the site of Capernaum today, you'll see the ruins of a rather elegant white synagogue built in the late Fourth Century AD. See the photos I took in at http: The synagogue in which Jesus taught is no longer standing. But excavations in trenches under the central nave of the prayer hall in the white synagogue, beginning in , exposed the stone pavement of the First Century synagogue built by the Roman centurion Luke 7: When Jesus did begin to teach in the synagogue, however, he startled people: They were used to commentary on scripture and on other commentators in the scribal tradition.

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But when Jesus taught, he taught authoritatively, with the Spirit upon him. He spoke more like a prophet than a scribe, with a "Thus saith the Lord By contrast with anything else the people had heard, it was shocking. Luke uses the Greek word ekplesso , "be amazed, overwhelmed"[5] in the imperfect tense, so it carries the idea of continued action: While Jesus is teaching, the demonic spirit in a man present in the synagogue yells out.

The man can't contain it. What do you want with us, Jesus of Nazareth? Have you come to destroy us? The demon in the man has more spiritual discernment than many. As a spirit himself, the demon recognizes the powerful presence of another Spirit. But this Spirit is holy. Not passively Holy, but actively Holy, speaking truth through the Anointed Son of God that is starting to set free a whole synagogue assembly room of people.

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The power is overwhelming to the demon, and so he yells out. We see the same phenomenon at Peter's door that same evening. People are bringing all their sick for healing, but in the crowd are demonized people, too.

And they are shouting, "You are the Son of God! At first glance you wonder why Jesus stops the demons from speaking. After all, they ARE speaking the truth. The demons are declaring openly what the residents of Capernaum may only be suspecting vaguely. Why does Jesus stop the demons? At least five reasons are involved:.

My experience confronting demons

There are doubtless many demons in people around Jesus that don't betray their presence. Just as there are many sick people in Palestine who don't come seeking healing from Jesus. But so long as demons don't manifest their control of the demonized person, Jesus doesn't usually confront them.